Dareick Barr is a nationally accredited trainer, in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. 


Born and raised in Martins Ferry, Ohio, Dareick always had a passion for athletics and was an exceptional student-athlete. His hard work and discipline led him to All-State recognition in high school and acceptance to Ohio University, where he pursued a degree in sociology and criminology. 


Without athletics during college, Dareick began studying fitness, nutrition, and human performance to fill the huge void. Immediately after graduating OU, Dareick became a Federal Law Enforcement officer in Washington, D.C. and created Raise the Barr Fitness, where he began conducting strength training sessions, under the mentorship of a USA amateur boxing coach in Maryland. 


Soon after, Dareick was offered the opportunity to train under three-time strength and conditioning coach of the year nominee Jake Bonacci, at the Jaco Hybrid Training Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Surrounded by other world-class trainers and high-ranked UFC fighters, Dareick spent the next two years flying back and forth to Jaco, assisting with training and learning more about the scientific approach behind training high-performance athletes. 


Since then, Raise the Barr Fitness continues to evolve with a broad range of clientele, ranging from ages 12-70. Dareick trains NFL, collegiate, and high school athletes, as well as corporate group sessions. With a passion for youth performance, Dareick also focuses on group youth and online training arenas, in hopes to build healthier children and elite teenage athletes.

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To be in shape and healthy doesn’t take athleticism, money, or fancy equipment.
All it takes is the
FEAR of being AVERAGE.


- Dareick Barr